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According to noted biologist Richard Dawkins, Darwinian evolution makes it possible to become an intellectually fulfilled atheist. According to Francis Collins, former head of the Human Genome Project, evolution is perfectly compatible with his Christian faith. Who is right? And why does it matter? This website is designed to help you find out. Here you will find articles, debates, video and audio, discussion questions, and other free resources as you explore the issues surrounding faith and evolution. This site is designed to be especially helpful for pastors, lay leaders, Sunday School teachers, and students. Below you will find a guide to the different parts of this website. 

Site Overview and Guide

The major parts of the Faith and Evolution website are:

  • EVENTS: A listing of upcoming events relating to faith, science, and evolution.
  • TOPICS: Pages on key topics relating to faith and evolution.
  • QUESTIONS: A list of key questions relating to faith and evolution.
  • DEBATES: A place to find articles debating key issues relating to faith and evolution.
  • TERMS: A glossary of key terms relating to faith and evolution.
  • RESOURCES: A listing of special resources for churches and faith-based organizations, including websitescurricula, discussion questions for small groups and Sunday School classes, videos, and more.

In addition, you can search a database of thousands of articles relating to evolution and intelligent design, and you can subscribe to free email updates about evolution and intelligent design.

Who Sponsors the Site?

This site was developed by the Center for Science and Culture at Discovery Institute. Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Seattle, Discovery Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan, educational and research organization with programs in the areas of technology, science and culture, regional development, mass transit, international affairs, bioethics, and more. The Center for Science and Culture is a program of Discovery Institute and was launched in 1996. The Center seeks long-term change through scientific research and scholarship; education and training of young leaders; communication to the general public; and advocacy of academic freedom for scientists, teachers, and students to question Darwinism.

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