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Evolution & Culture

Evolution & Culture

Evolution and Culture

Since being proposed in the 1850s, Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection has had significant consequences for nearly every field of human behavior, including politics, economics, sexuality, religion, and the arts. What are the implications of Darwin’s theory for culture? And is the application of Darwin’s theory to society a misuse of Darwin’s theory or a legitimate application of it? Explore these and other questions using the links below to articles, websites, videos, and more.


What has been the impact of Darwinian theory on culture?

Does Darwinian theory devalue human life?

What are the implications of Darwinian theory for the arts?

What was the impact of Darwinian theory on Nazi Germany?

What was the role of Darwinism in the eugenics crusade?

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Videos and DVDs


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Pop Culture’s Evolutionary Message

Review of A Natural History of Rape

How Science Points to a Meaning-Full Universe

Darwinism and the Nazis


A Meaningful World: How the Arts And Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature

Darwin Day in America

Moral Darwinism

From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics and Racism in Germany

Total Truth


AUDIO: Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor and UCLA Psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz Discuss Animal Minds, Materialism, and Francis Crick