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Charles Darwin acknowledged in his introduction to On the Origin of Species that “a fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question.” In that spirit, a key part of this website is a series of debate pages that showcase articles with divergent views on significant topics and questions. Below you will find a list of the debates currently featured on the site. To the right, you will find samples of debates available on audio and video.

Charles Darwin

Was Charles Darwin a “Social Darwinist?”

Theistic Evolution

Can a Christian be a Darwinist?

Evolution & Religion

Is Darwinian evolution corrosive of belief in God?

Intelligent Design

Does intelligent design have merit?

Evolution & Science

Was Darwin wrong?

Is there an “edge” to evolution?

Evolution & Ethics

Does Darwinian evolution support or undercut traditional morality?

Is Darwinian evolution compatible with free will?

Evolution & Culture

Did Darwinism influence the Nazis?