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Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design

In recent years, new discoveries in physics, astronomy, biochemistry, and genetics have led many scientists and philosophers to conclude that nature is the product of intelligent design rather than a blind unguided process. Frequently misunderstood, the modern theory of intelligent design is not based on theological premises, but it does have theological implications, just like Darwin’s theory. In the links below, you are invited to explore for yourself the intriguing evidence and implications of intelligent design.


What is intelligent design?

What is the science behind intelligent design?

What is the history of intelligent design?

Is intelligent design incompatible with evolution?

Is intelligent design the same as creationism?

Is intelligent design based on the Bible? 

Is intelligent design a “God of the Gaps” argument?

Is intelligent design testable?

Is intelligent design science?

Is intelligent design a rehash of William Paley?

Is intelligent design falsified by poor design?

Can intelligent design explain the origin of evil?

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A Brief History of Intelligent Design

A History & Defense of Intelligent Design

An Introduction to Intelligent Design 

Intelligent Design FAQs and Primers

Articles on the Scientific Evidence for Intelligent Design

Articles on the Theological Implications of Intelligent Design

Design in the Bible and the Early Church Fathers


Intelligent Design 101

Darwin’s Black Box 

The Design Revolution

The Design of Life

The Privileged Planet 

Doubts About Darwin: A History of Intelligent Design

List of Key Books


VIDEO: Philosopher of Science Stephen Meyer on the Definition of Intelligent Design 

AUDIO: Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor on Using Design Inference to Understand the Brain

AUDIO: Biochemist Michael Behe on How He Came to Doubt Darwin

AUDIO: Mathematician and Philosopher William Dembski on The Design of Life

AUDIO: Chemist Charles Thaxton on the Origins of Intelligent Design

AUDIO: Atheist Philosopher of Physics Bradley Monton on Intelligent Design