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Evolution & Science

Evolution & Science

Evolution and Science

Scientists have debated the evidence for Darwin’s theory of evolution by undirected natural selection ever since Darwin first proposed his theory in the 1850s. In recent years, the debate has continued as a growing number of scientists have questioned whether natural selection is sufficient to account for the intricate complexity found throughout the biological world. Explore current debates about the scientific evidence for evolution using the links below to articles, websites, videos, and more.


Was Darwin Wrong? 

What is the modern theory of evolution?

Are there scientists who dissent from Neo-Darwinism?

Is there scientific evidence against Darwinian evolution?

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Darwin’s Theory: The Problem of Evidence

The Deniable Darwin

Darwin’s Theory of Unintelligent Evolution

Darwin’s Failed Predictions

Darwin’s Predictions and the Scientific Record

An Introduction to Molecular Machines and Irreducible Complexity


Explore Evolution

Edge of Evolution

Icons of Evolution

Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design

Darwin on Trial


AUDIO: Microbiologist Ralph Seelke on the Limits of Evolution

AUDIO: National Academy of Sciences Member Phillip Skell on the Irrelevancy of Darwinism to Experimental Biology

AUDIO: Lehigh University Biochemist Michael Behe on The Edge of Evolution

VIDEO: David Berlinski on Modern Scientific Skepticism toward Neo-Darwinism

AUDIO: American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow Lyle Jensen Explains His Doubts about Darwinian Evolution